Okay so here it is! I have been struggling with taking this to the next level for years. I think I had to get out of my own way and just try. Bri(my husband) is reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. He told me how she has the quote "leap, and the net will appear" taped to her writing desk. So I am leaping!
I love to design things. I like when there is a thought or color or quote and I get to turn it into something beautiful. Recently I decided I am going to design cakes and desserts for a living. I have done it for years for my friends and family. And now I am spreading my wings!
This is a blog about me, my cakes and all the other things I love. I hope you like it-and order lots and lots of cakes.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

whats up?

So, I have been really busy! I mean crazy busy. Lots has gone down in the past two months. I have made lots of cakes, which is so much fun!
My sister also had a baby, awesome and really scary. She had a placental abruption, ended up in the ICU. Not at all how we thought it would go. All of our lives were changed, for the better. It has been a real lesson in gratitude! Little miss Adeline Mei and her beautiful mother are destined for greatness, there is no doubt! I sort of think Bec (my sister) already was, this was just a crazy reminder. I could tell you so much more, but she is going to start her own blog and she's got a lot to share. I'll keep you posted.
I also became an Intensati Leader!!! Wooohoo!! I love it. I am going to start teaching on Long Island, if you are interested. Which you should be. It is only the most fantastic practice around!
So back to the cakes check out the latest and keep the orders coming!!

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